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This session welcomes contributions related to:

(a) mesoscale meteorological modeling for the diagnosis and forecasting of high impact weather;
(b) coupling of meteorological models with hydrological, wave and ocean models
(c) predictability issues, ensemble forecasting and data assimilation systems;
(d) operational forecasting issues, including ensemble forecasting, data assimilation, data verification, with emphasis on applications in the Mediterranean region;
(e) assessment of wind and solar power potential based on numerical weather prediction models.

It is well known that operational weather forecasting in the short and medium range is affected by the inaccuracy and uncertainties associated with Numerical Weather Prediction models (e.g. model physics, parameterizations and initial conditions). This is especially relevant in the Mediterranean region where high-impact weather is expected and complex orography can force small-scale processes that are poorly predicted by the operational weather models. For this reason, novel aspects of research on model development and applications, including high-resolution short-range probabilistic forecasting, stochastic methods on seasonal predictions, statistical and dynamical downscaling, coupling between meteorological, hydrological, wave and ocean models, data assimilation aspects, predictability issues and strategies in ensemble construction are welcome. Applications of models for the study of physical processes and the diagnosis of meteorological phenomena like cyclogenesis, organized convection, heavy precipitation, orographic influences, and related processes are of particular interest of this session. Finally, we also invite papers that deal with wind and solar energy resources assessment, both onshore and offshore.

Vassiliki Kotroni, National Observatory of Athens (
Anastasios Papadopoulos, Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (
Petros Katsafados, Harokopio University of Athens (

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